🌟But what to do,when darkness falls, And the light of hope, begins to stall? Here's a question,for you to ponder deep, What can let our spirits keep?
Reflect and Re-evaluate Take a step back, and assess the past, Identify the roots, of the sorrow that will last.Let go of what's holding you back.
Practice Self-Care and Kindness Treat yourself with compassion, like a wounded friend, Offer yourself kindness, until the pain begins to mend.
Seek Connection and Community Reach out to loved ones, who care and understand, Let them be your anchor, in this stormy land.
Embrace the Present and Find Purpose Let go of regrets, and worries about the past, Focus on what you can control, and make the most.
Practice Mindfulness and Gratitude Focus on the present moment, without judgment or fear, Notice the small joys, that bring a smile so clear.
Remember: Taking that first step towards healing, you can begin to lift the veil and find your way back to a brighter tomorrow.
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