-Hich Life💚- #poetry #hich
Oh social app,oh wondrous thing, With quizzes, polls,and earnings that sing! Moderators keep it all in line, While stars and grades make it all shine.
Family-friendly, a place to be, Where fun and laughter set us free. From serious to silly, it's all here, A social app that brings us cheer.
With quizzes on history and fame, We test our knowledge, game by game. Polls on pizza toppings, oh my! Our earnings grow, as we reply.
Moderators keep the peace, And keep us from getting too loud. They keep the trolls at bay, And make our social app a bright day.
Grade our posts, give us a star, We'll rise to the top, near or far. Our social app, the best around, Where fun and learning are found.
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